Sunday, October 26, 2014

Harvest Party

Our church has an annual Harvest Party and this year my mom was in town visiting and came with us.  It's sweet because they have a area to take family pictures and my mom got to get a Grandma picture.  
 The kids enjoyed the relay races.  I love how our church combines older kids and younger kids.  It's more about having fun and helping the younger ones have fun then winning.  Although it's fun to win! 
 Lulu and Levi were on the same team. 
 The kids entered the pie contest again this year.  And again they both didn't win....ha!  There's some good competition and we need to work on our pie baking skills!!  The pies were amazing that were entered and it's so fun to see and taste the hard work!
 Waiting in line to ride horses......this was the favorite activity. 
 Sitting, watching the relay races.  
Go Mark go!!!! The dad's were racing....this is always fun to watch.  
 Here's a picture of all the children in our church. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Three Years in Business

 Today Mark celebrates 3 years running his own architectural, drafting and design business.  Mark has worked so hard and by God's mighty hand Mark's business has grown and is busy.  He started his business back in WA state and when we moved to Idaho 2 years ago we prayed and asked the Lord to grow his business here too.  And it has!  He now serves clients in WA and ID.  God is so good!
 We all went out for a fun anniversary dinner in our home town. 
 Happy 3 year business anniversary Mark!!  I'm so proud of you.  

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Vacation to Mema's Barn

 We left early in the morning on our trip to central Oregon to visit Mark's mom.  
 We stopped in Burns, OR for some breakfast.  
 When we arrived at Mema's the kids got to open their goodie bags she had prepared for them.  
 Silas had a blast walking in the walker around the barn.  

 An older family picture.....Mark's the youngest.  
 Mark's mom made her famous cream cheese brownies.  Yum!
Bath time!
 We took the kids bowling for the first time at the little local bowling ally. 
Our pet frog for the week.
Roadside picnic on our way home.