Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

This year we had a very special Thanksgiving.  We just moved into our new house two days ago and my family from WA came to visit.  We were so excited to be able to welcome them into our new house.  We even have room for guest now! 
 The weather was nice enough to play outside!!
 My dad raked the leaves into paths for the kids to run around in. 
 My mom brought the girls some dress up clothes.....Ila May was in heaven. 
 Legos, legos and more legos.
 This is my darling nephew, Trey.  He's my older brother's little boy. 
 We have a tradition of doing a scavenger hunt on Thanksgiving.  The kids look for this funny little stuffed toy turkey named Strut. Strut leaves the kids notes all over the place with hints on where he is.  
 This year the first note was at the front door.
 Uncle Todd was the official note reader.  
 They went up the stars, down the stairs then up again and down again.....finally they found Strut. 
 He was waiting for them on the deck!
 Trey was so excited running all over the place.
 Silas and Grammie-goo looked for Strut together.....along with Lucy. 
 Turkey time!
 The cousins played and played.
 After dinner the kids wanted to play outside some more.  We are really enjoying our large yard.
 Loved this picture of my dad doing dishes after a wonderful Thanksgiving meal. 
 Levi found a good climbing tree and spent a lot of time there. 
 This is the next day, again out in the backyard.  
My brother brought their tow dogs, here's is Abram who had a blast with the kids.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Moving Day!

(Our rental we moved out of) 

It's moving day!  
We have lived in Idaho for two years now, renting.  We have found the city/town we love and want to raise our children in.  It's been fun looking for homes to buy.  But the really fun part is finding THE home and now moving into it!! 
(Our beautiful new home)

Monday, November 17, 2014

Sun Valley, Idaho

 We took a trip to Sun Valley, Idaho for Mark's 39th birthday.  We rented a condo in the Sun Valley resort.  We had a blast and would love to make this a tradition.  
 Walking through the village where all the shops and restaurants are.  It was the off season and everyone was preparing for the upcoming ski season so there weren't many vacationers there.  
 Here are a few pictures of the condo before the family came in and gave it that lived in look.  
 It was so fun and cozy relaxing in the condo as the snow was falling outside. 
 Warming up by the fire.
 Dinner in the condo.
 The next morning we woke up and gave Mark his birthday cards. 
 Happy 39th Birthday Mark!
 Silas loved the snow....he was all bundled up and couldn't move much but he still had fun.
 The Sun Valley opera house all closed up for the winter.

 Mark didn't know what the picture was....he looked after I took the picture. 
 We spent some time at Dollar Mountain playing in the snow.  
 Ketchum, ID is right down the road from the Sun Valley resort and has one of the pretties Starbucks I have ever been in.  
Everyone tired to make a snow angel.