Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day With Family

We spent Memorial Day afternoon at my Aunt Bev's house.  She is my dad's sister.  My dad's family got to meet Ila for the first time.  I need to remember to take more pictures.  The picture below is of Aunt Bev and Ila.
  Lulu and Levi had a blast playing with Aunt Bev's doll house. 
Here is Mark with Lulu and Levi eating their burgers. 
 Here is my mom with her 3 grandchildren.  She spent the last 2 weeks with us during the days helping out while I rested. We had a great 2 weeks, they went too quickly.
 Ila turned 3 weeks yesterday!  Wow, it goes fast.
Uncle Todd and Aunt Stephanie were there too.  We see them so much now that they live close.  We love it!  Here is Todd with Ila.

Memorial Weekend at the Beach

 This weekend we were busy.  On Saturday we went to a big neighborhood garage sale with my mom and Mark's mom.  Sunday we rested and yesterday morning since Mark had the day off we went to the beach.  Lulu and Levi LOVE rocks.  We brought our buckets to collect some new fun rocks to bring home along with some shells.
 The body of water that this beach is on is Puget Sound.  Mark and Levi are watching the ferry boats cross the sound over to Whidby Island from Mukilteo where we were. 
 Here Mark is pointing out a train that was off in the distance heading our way. 
 So off we went to go watch the train come by.  The tracks are right along the beach so our walk wasn't very far.
 While we were waiting for the big freight train, we were startled by the Amtrak heading in the opposite direction.  Lulu and Levi were so excited to see the trains so close.
 Finally moments later the "Big Train" as Levi called it came roaring by us.
 After watching the trains we went back to our blanket and ate lunch.
 This was Ila's first time to the beach.  She slept in the front carrier the entire time. 
This little guy was so excited to see a real train.  We also saw some small crabs and sea anemones under some rocks.  So fun!  We love where we live.


 Mark's mom came to visit and meet Ila.  
 Connie now has 5 grandchildren.  Here she is with 3 of them. 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

6 Years

Today Mark and I are celebrating our 6th anniversary.  Six years, 3 children, 3 homes and 3 different cities.  We have had an amazing 6 years.
  This picture is of us 8 days before our wedding when we went to go purchase our marriage license at the court house in Seattle.  The funny thing I remember about that day was that they only took cash so we had to run around searching for a cash machine and also the lady behind the desk was so nice and excited for us to be getting married, she took this picture.   

Click HERE to see last years post with some wedding pictures.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ila's Birth Story

 I went into labor around 5:30pm on May 9th, 2011.  Ila May was born about 3 hours later at 8:27pm.  Earlier that morning I was an emotional wreck and cried in Mark's arms, so he decide to stay home from work and just be a family and help me out.  We had a great day and I think the Lord knew I needed Mark to be home so I could get some rest.  I took a great nap that afternoon and woke up around 3:45pm.  At 4pm we went for a walk around our neighborhood.  Lulu and Levi were in the bike trailer while Mark pushed it and I tired with every step to go into labor.  Nothing really happened while on our walk but it was a beautiful day and it felt good to get out.  When we got home we had to head out to my weekly midwife appointment.  My midwife is about 30min away from us with no traffic so we headed out around 5:15pm to get to my 6pm appointment.  When we were about 10min away (5:30pm) from her office I noticed a strong contraction, then not 2min. later I felt another one.  Then another and another.  Mark pulled into the parking lot and I headed into the office ahead of my family.  I got in and told the assistant that my contraction were coming every few minutes and they were lasting at least a minute or longer.  I told her that I wanted to head home.  So she went and got my midwife who was with another expectant mom at the time.  My midwife came in and checked me, I was only 2-3cm dilated.  I was hoping to hear that I was at least 4 or 5.  She agreed I was most likely in labor and she sent me home with her and the assistants not too far behind us.  When we left the appointment it was 6:15pm.....a 15min midwife appointment, unheard of.  They usually last 40min to an hour.  On our way home I called my midwife twice to make sure she was really on her way.  Both times she reassured me she was.  About 15min from home on the freeway I got a little worried we might not make it home because my contractions were not letting up.  Mark was driving fast but safe and Lulu and Levi were in the back just going along for the ride.  I called my mom 3 times, the first time I told her that this "could" be it, the last call I told her "meet us at the house."  My dad and her were driving too and about 25min away from out house.  We got home at 6:45pm I went right into the house and started leaning on the back of the big leather chair in our living room.  My mom and dad pulled up right then and my mom started timing contractions and giving me water to drink.  Lulu and Levi were running around the house in excitement and Mark was getting the birth things ready.  Not moments later (6:50pm) the first assistant showed up.  Then my midwife showed up right after her and then the 2nd assistant showed up.  Now I could give birth.  While I labored I walked around our house talked with everyone, stopped to have a contraction then started walking and talking again.  Lulu and Levi were a great distraction, they would come up and hug me, talk to me, rub my back.  A lot of books on labor say to have a nice tranquil environment that is peaceful and quiet so you can concentrate on each contraction.  WHAT?  Who wants to concentrate on a contraction?  I sure don't, they hurt and I want my mind on something else.  So having Lulu and Levi running around making noise and playing really did help me to not focus on my contractions.  But everyone is different and what works for me in labor might not work for others.  Around 7:50pm I was 7cm dilated and my water broke.  Jump forward just a bit and I was up on our bed pushing Ila out.  I had two pushes that only took 3 min and she was out.  She was covered in vernix and Lulu asked me why she was dirty and if she was ok.  Lulu was right by my side and saw her little sister be born.  My mom was holding Levi and he also got to see his little sister be born.  That evening we were in bed by 11pm and everyone was gone.  That night we slept great.  I loved my labor with Ila and I thank God for His protection.  She was 7lbs 5oz and 19" long, my smallest baby so far.    

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Our Sweet Little Ila

 Ila is the sweetest little baby.  She is so content and peaceful. 
 Lulu LOVES having a little sister. 
 Mommy and Daddy both LOVE having a new baby around.  We both feel we are so much calmer this time and are able to just enjoy her with Lulu and Levi. We talked about how tense we were with Lulu being our very first.  It was totally different, we are totally different.  We feel like we can truly enjoy these fleeting moments so much more now that we have been through it twice already. 
 Big brother Levi.  He is very affectionate towards Ila.  He loves to kiss her forehead.
 The other morning Lulu climbed in be with me.  Ila was asleep on my chest.  So I asked Lulu is she would like to lie down with her.  She was thrilled.  They spent a good 20min just bonding like this.  Ila just slept and Lulu just held her and kissed her.  It was very sweet.
 Mark had to head back to work....boo hoo.  So here he is with his 3 children before he headed out.  My mom came and will be with us for 2 weeks to help.  My dad and mom are such a blessing to us. 
 Here is one of the only pictures of Ila with her eyes open.  She is usually sleeping.
 All 3....my heart is so happy.
 Today we sat out in the backyard.  Ila slept and we even got a few smiles from her. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Meet Ila May

Ila was born at home on May 9, 2011 at 8:27pm. 
She was born 9 days early!! 
Weighing 7lbs. 5oz. and 19" long, my smallest baby so far.
I was in labor for 3 hours and we just love her so much. 
I'll write our birth story later.  

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Our Little Tap Dancer

I love this picture of Lulu.  She has new tap shoes we found at a garage sale.  And she's loving them.  The hat and sunglasses are just normal everyday attire.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's May!

 I'm posting some random pictures.  Here is our minivan with Lulu and Levi's car seats.  We need one more in for Ila. 
 Here is Mark getting Ila's car seat in really tight.  We have and "old school" minivan so we can't just clip them in like the new vehicles.  I love my van and wouldn't want it any different.  I think I have a picture of Mark standing in this same car seat for each child. 
 And here are all 3 car seats in.  With Lulu's lamb practicing as the baby.
 Levi is so fun.  I can ask him to smile and he will.  What a sweet little guy.  These are my favorite jeans on him.  They have holes in the knees because he plays so hard.  Lulu never wore anything out.  I love seeing the differences in them.  And I can't even imagine what Ila is going to be like.
 The other night we went for a drive to see where Mark and I met.  We got a Jamba Juice.  This is the actual place Mark and I met later after meeting on the bridge.  When we met Jamba Juice was close so we went to Red Robin instead.
 Levi can say Jamba Juice so well.  If he loves something he makes sure he can say it so we can understand it.  He has a lot of words.  Some of my favorites are, Nope!, Ish crackers (fish crackers), Doodoo (Lulu), Baby (Ila), Please, Boogie (for any sort of dirt), Help.   So many more but they are cuter if you hear them.
 Here they are enjoying their Jamba Juice on our drive.
Here is exactly where Mark and I met, but in the on coming traffic.  Pretty much where those two cars are.  But just imagine the traffic stopped. 
And I want to wish my friend Kelsey a Happy Birthday today!!  These flowers are for you.