Saturday, August 28, 2010

Getting Ready

Guess what were getting ready to do? We're going camping! Some friends of ours were getting rid of all their camping equipment. So we got it all and had so much fun today getting it all set up to see what they gave us. The red tent is the one we will be using and the blue one is for my parents. They don't know it yet but we are going to turn them into campers. Growing up we did the hotel/motel thing, never the tent thing....but not anymore. Get ready Papa and Grandma, Lulu already knows that the blue tent is for you guys.
Here is a canopy to go over the eating area at our camp site.
Here's Mark with his little helper.
This is what I'm very excited about. Can't go camping with out our coffee!
Here is Lulu in our 3 room tent. She's in what she told me is Levi's room and then she asked me where the kitchen will go....LOL. So in a couple weeks we will be heading down to Oregon to try out all our new camping equipment.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Playing With My New Gift

Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend

Unless your husband knows how much you have wanted one of these handy-dandy little things for your purse. Not only did Mark get me one but he got me one in PINK! What a guy, I just fell in love with him all over again.
Thanks for thinking of me. Love you!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Popsicle Man

This evening we were cleaning up from dinner and I heard off in the distance some music. It was the Popsicle Man!! We all ran out to the front yard. Lulu was so excited and had a hand full of quarters. Then the music stared getting closer and closer and soon we saw the musical truck come around the corner. Mark and Lulu waved "her" down and this is the popsicle she picked out. Yummy!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Garden Wedding

This evening my cousin K.C. got married to her husband Luke. It was a very relaxed, fun, beautiful, outdoor wedding. It was held at her parents home. Everyone stood around and watched the ceremony. We stood up on the deck and had a great view. Lulu had been looking forward to going to this wedding for a few days now. And finally when she saw K.C. walking down the aisle she stared jumping up and down. Here are the guys watching from the deck. There were 2 dogs walking around and Levi actually was more into the dogs then the wedding. Such a boy. Here is K.C. and Luke right after they were pronounced husband and wife. Here is my dad and mom with Lulu and Levi. K.C. my cousin who got married is my mom's older brother's daughter. Got that?Lulu was thrilled to get these two flowers. After the bouquet toss was over and all the women left the area there were these two flowers that had fallen out of the bouquet and onto the ground. What a thrill for a 3 1/2 year old to find and be able to enjoy.
Then the band started to play and K.C. and Luke had their first dance.
Here is my brother Todd and his beautiful wife Stephanie enjoying the dance floor.
Here is Todd and Stephanie with Levi.Here is K.C., Lulu and I. K.C. is my younger cousin by 3 years. It's so amazing to see her get married and be so grown up. We had a great time and are so happy for K.C. and Luke.

Daddy's Little Helper

Mark had some work that he had to bring home this weekend. Lulu sat with him and helped him.

Mommies and their Babies

Lulu joined me on the couch to nurse her baby while I nursed mine. Mark took this picture and said "you need to put this on the blog." Lulu loves being a mommy to her many babies and so do I.

Monday, August 16, 2010

To the Beach!

This weekend we went to the beach. It was just a day trip but again we found a great little day-cation spot not too far from home (less then 2hrs). This time we drove up towards the Canadian border and spent the day in Semiahmoo. We ate lunch at the beach and searched for neat looking rocks. We brought bubbles too and Lulu was able to just lift the bubble stick in the air and let the wind blow the bubbles for her.
Here's a little (dead) crab that we found.
Levi walked back to the car. He loves walking.
About 5-10 minutes away is Birch Bay and that's where we stopped for some ice cream.
We have been loving our day-cations. We are finding so many neat places to go just for the day.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Levi's Walking!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Here is Lulu with her two cousins Josiah and Kamin. Below is a picture of them 5 years ago when they were our ring bearers at our wedding. Wow how they have grown up!
For the past week we have been spending time with family. Mark's brother Mike and his wife Julie came to visit with their two boys Josiah (9) and Kamin (7). Lulu and Levi had a blast with their cousins. They parked their Airstream out in front of our house and we all agree that the trip went way to fast. They spent a lot of time just playing. Here is Kamin and Lulu playing Lego's.And here's Kamin with Levi.One of the days they all decided they wanted to bake a cake. It was so fun to watch them figure out what they needed and put it all together. They did a great job and the best part was that evening they got to eat their creation for dessert. Then Mark and Mike's mom came by. This was the first time since Levi was born that Connie got to see all her grandchildren together. It was getting late and trying to get a good picture was a bit tricky.Here is Mike, Josiah, Mark and Kamin playing Lego's. Here all the cousins are piled into our mini-van going to the store. Then one of the days we all went to the Children's Museum. Here they are in the tree house at the museum. Levi loves climbing on everything and had a blast playing on this fire truck. Lulu and Levi playing on the fire truck.Then we went over to the restaurant and Lulu made Levi and I some lunch.Here Lulu and Josiah are flying an airplane with Uncle Mike on the windshield. Levi got to try out the seats on the plane. Then next day the boys got out their skate boards and road and Lulu kept up with them on her trike. Then Josiah got to try Uncle Mark's long board.....surfs up! And Kamin and Lulu spent hours playing in the rocks and dirt.
Time went too fast and we can't wait to see them again hopfully sooner then later. We love you guys! Thanks for such a great time!