Monday, September 17, 2012


#1 - Lulu
#2 - Levi
#3 - Ila May
#4 - Coming April 2013!!!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Library

 I took the kids to the library the other day.  They each got their very own library card.  
 They had so much fun picking out their 2 books each.....yes only two since my drivers license didn't match our new address on the form I filled out to get them their new cards.  The librarian said the kids won't be able to get their 100 books (at one time) limit until I can bring in a piece of mail verifying our new  100 books!!!  We would need a bigger trailer for that, because that would mean 200 books between the two of them and if Mark, Ila and I used that limit that would be a total of 500 book for our family.  I wonder if people really hit the max limit on that?  That would be too stressful for me to try to keep track of.  I like the 2 book limit rule!  I might not bring in any mail 
They are so excited about their new cards.  They both picked out the same one...LOL, so I had to write their names on them.  There were like 20 colors and pictures to chose from and they had to pick the same one. :)
 Then on our walk back home we stopped and looked around our towns city hall.
 We took a break to watch the kids (and two adults) at the skate park.  Lulu was excited to start reading her books, she thought Levi would be too so she placed his two in front of him....yeah, he wasn't interest.  

Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Trailer Birthday

 Yesterday was Levi's 3rd birthday! This was our first birthday in our trailer.  We stuck to our normal tradition and had birthday cake and ice cream for breakfast.  I even baked the cake!  But not in the trailer.  I went into my parents house and used their kitchen.  I still haven't used the trailers oven.  It's small.  But I bet a cake would have worked just fine. 
 After we just purged so much the last thing I wanted to do was get a bunch of gifts for Levi....but we couldn't not get him something.  So we got him his first set of Lego's the 2-5 year old kind and they fit into a clear shoe box!!!  He got a new pair of jeans and a foam sword from Lulu. 
 Here is our annual mommy/son birthday picture.  I wonder how many more years I will get to hold him??  Boohoo.
 Daddy/son picture. 
 So now the ages of our children are: Lulu 5.5, Levi 3, Ila May almost 16 months.
Mark's mom got us a family pass to the Children's museum.  There are two in our area that we can go to for free now! And there are many as we travel that our pass allows us to get into for free also!!!!  This is such a perfect gift because for $100 (not much if you think about how much we will use it) we can get out of the trailer and the kids can burn energy playing and learning.  We had a great time.  
 Even Ila May had fun!
 Mark took a half day to come play with us on Levi's birthday.  Then he took us out to eat at Red Robin for lunch. 
Happy Birthday Levi!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Levi!!

Today is Levi's 3rd birthday!  I say this for every birthday but I can't believe he's 3!!!!!  He is my sweet cuddly little boy who always gives me kisses and loves his sisters so much.
Yesterday Levi asked me "can we eat animals" and I said "yes, but only certain ones....we can't eat animals like dogs." Then Levi said "but we can eat hot dogs!"  LOL!!!!  He is so cute and such a joy in our life.  He is such a boy.  His absolute favorite things are motor cycles, trucks and cars.  He just loves them!  He points out all the neat vehicles he sees while we drive.  He tells me how someday he's going to drive them. Levi is a positive little guy and sees the glass half full.
Click HERE to read Levi's birth story.
 I told Levi that I needed to take his birthday picture and he asked me if we could take it by the wheel barrow because he loves the wheel on it.  It was a bit sunny so I then took another by the garden.