Tuesday, September 1, 2015

August 2015

 We did not get our boat out into the lake this year.  With our busy summer with the remodel I think it was just not something we planned for.  But we did drive up to the reservoir and go swimming.  
 My sweet friend Carleen sent Lulu a kit to grow her own butterflies.  This was such a fun activity.  We will be doing this again.  I think the entire process took about a month.  
 Once the butterflies were grown they kit encourages you to set your butterflies free.  So one morning we all went out on the back deck and watched them fly away.  They didn't just fly off, they sat on our hands and would fly and land on the deck and we could go pick them up again.  Eventually they all flew off.  The last one flew out into the grass and as we were all watching with excitement, our cat Mo ran from under the deck and pounced on the last butterfly.  It sort of killed the sweet moment of watching them go free.  Lulu was horrified by it but now we all laugh about it and so does she. 

Friday, July 31, 2015

July 2015

 This July Mark's brother's family came for a visit all the way from Pasadena, CA!  It had been about 18 months since we last saw them so it was a blessing to have this time together.  Those tow very tall young men were our darling little ring bearers in our wedding.  They were 2&4 at the time....that was 10 years ago! 
The brothers with their baby boys.....not such babies anymore. 
Uncle Mike reading to Ila May. 
Cousin time! 
Brother time.....lots of God honoring conversations.  Both Mike and Mark came to know the lord in Jr. High.  
 When we got home from Moab, this is what our house looked like.  The floors were all done and waiting for us to move our things back in. 
 There's a blue spot where some tape is on the floor.  All the wood behind that to the wall is existing hardwoods that had water damage and everything on there other side of the tape is all new hardwoods.  The old wall that needed to come down was about where the tape is.  
 Levi lost his first tooth!!  So exciting, the tooth fairy came that night to give him his quarter with glitter on it.  Levi's a smart one and told me he knew who the tooth fairy is but he would play along.  LOL. 
Levi and cousin Trey.  Mark, my dad and Levi went on a guys weekend road trip to WA.  They towed my parens travel trailer. 
When Papa's in charge anything is allowed for breakfast. 
Papa is co-pilot!