Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Evergreen State Fair!

This post is a bit late but better late than never! On Sept 2nd we went to the fair with Mark's mom. She was visiting from out of town. We all thought we might spend a couple hours there......we ended up leaving 15min before the gates closed. We were at the fair for about 5 hours. We had so much fun and Lulu was a perfect age because she could ride the kiddie rides.
The fair was a blast! The kids fell asleep right away once we got to the van. Lulu picked out this really ugly Parana that Mark won for her. I was hoping she would pick out the cute little puppy or bear but no, she wanted the mean looking Parana.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Friday, September 17, 2010

Last Day of Camping and Our Road Trip Home

Our last morning of camping was fun. Levi and I woke up a bit later and when I looked out the tent I saw a little girl eating a Hershey bar for breakfast.......the fun things you do while camping.
Then the real breakfast was served and then we got packing. While Mark loaded the van I took some fun pictures of Lulu jumping. Then as we were driving out of the campground we saw this camper and had to get a picture. We now are trying to figure out how we can get a cute little camper like this and what we would paint on it. Here we are in Hood River getting ready to cross the toll bridge into Washington. As we were driving along Mark saw some buffalo and we don't normally see those in WA so we drove up this road to try to get a better look and then saw some zebra and giraffes along with camels, and ostriches. We still aren't sure what exactly it was but it looked like a rescue farm. Then we stopped at a lookout spot and got this picture of our campground from the other side of the Columbia River. Then we saw a VW bus so I had to take a picture. We would love to be driving one of these towing a cool little camper someday. We stopped at the Maryhill Museum of Art and walked around the grounds. Once we hit Yakima we were very hungry. So we had burgers at the famous Miner's. The burgers there are HUGE and this place is ranked 3rd in our state for best burger.
After burgers we went across the street to this really cool McDonald's for some ice cream cones.
Have you ever seen such a cool McDonald's? We sat in the car booth. Lulu and Levi loved it.
We had a long day of driving but made it home in time to get baths in and head to bed after a fun extended weekend of camping.

Third Day of Camping

Another good morning! Look who was frying up the bacon. We had a yummy breakfast.
Lulu really enjoyed camping. She liked everything about it. Here we are playing eye-spy early in the morning. Levi loved camping too. After a fun morning around the camp site we went for a drive on the Historic Columbia River Highway. This darling shop was our first stop and we had some more ice cream and saw their classic cars that had on display.
Right next to the ice cream shop was a coffee shop. And if you know Mark he's always up for trying out the local coffee shops.
This picture is for Mike, Julie, Josiah and Kamin. We miss you guys and thought of you when we saw this. Then we kept going on our drive and Lulu and Levi both fell asleep. So Mark and I pulled over at the look-out point and got some pictures. Then in the evening we were back at the camp site and we went for an evening walk. We went to go watch the sun set and see if we could see a train go by on the track that was probably 300 feet from the campground we were at. This is a picture of Memaloose Island. We were staying at Memaloose State Park and Mark gave us a history lesson on the island because he did some research before we went. We had another fun day of camping.