Thursday, May 30, 2013

Our Day

 We are sort of back to the swing of things.  Lulu's finishing up her workbooks....she's doing so well.
 Silas is sunbathing trying to work on his jaundice.  We do this daily and he loves it.  
 The kids had a popsicle and Ila thought it was so funny she could see her red tongue.  
 Levi working on an activity.....dominos.  I'm doing laundry in the background.  Silas was napping.  Yep...back to normal almost. 
 Today Silas is 4 weeks old.  He's doing really well.  He's a happy baby.  He sleeps well and has some great awake time.  He is getting stronger and I notice more of natural schedule he's getting on.  I tell him to SLOW DOWN all the time, he just won't listen.  
 Today I was trying to do a million usual.  Adding in sitting down to nurse.  I love the time I have with Silas nursing and I really try to enjoy it and not worry about all the things that need to be done.  I was praying that God would help me because I wasn't sure how I would do it all today.  It was getting close to lunch time and I was nursing Silas.  I figured that lunch would be a lot later since I hadn't prepped anything.  Then I just thought I would have Lulu make lunch.  She was so excited and asked me "make it with out you??" and I said "yes" because I was still nursing.  So I told her make whatever......I knew she would make a great lunch, plus I wanted to see what she would do.  It was fun to see her running around the kitchen being creative.  
She made:
Cheese stick wrapped in black forest ham
fish crackers
trail mix
It was such a blessing to have help with lunch.  I was telling Lulu how this might be her new job.  She was thrilled with this idea.  
 Here they are enjoying Lulu's lunch.
 Lulu has been so diligent about taking care of her tomato plant.  But we think the sun is killing it so we moved it to the front door with more shade.  Hope it survives!
Then to top off the day, after the kids were in bed Mark made me a big glass of lemon ice water.....he even made it pretty.  

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Happy Anniversary Day Trip

 Mark and I celebrated our 8th anniversary on Monday.  He took the day off and we got out of town for a little day trip.  On our way out of town we stopped in a cute planned community about 10 min from our house.  They had a general store, cafe, library, fire department and more.  We had fun walking around the surrounding neighborhood and playing in the park.
 We went into the general store to buy some water.  The lady behind the counter offered to take our picture and she gave the kids free cookies! 
 The neighborhood was darling and it was a gorgeous day for a walk.
 Back at the park the kids had fun jumping off of the rocks. 
 Then we got in the van and headed north a couple hours to the town of MaCall.  This is a fun resort town on a lake.  It was fun for us to see a bit more of Idaho.  Since we moved here back in November we haven't gone anywhere so getting out of town was fun.  Back in Boise it was pretty warm and thankfully we had some coats in the van because it was chilly in MaCall. 
 We went out for a fun anniversary dinner in MaCall.

8 Years!!

 Eight years ago today Mark and I got married. 
Biblical marriage is so precious.  I'm so grateful I get to experience God's plan for marriage with Mark.  We truly are blessed, 8 years, 4 children and best friends.   
 The picture below is 8 days before we got married.  We went into Downtown Seattle to get our marriage license.  I remember how exciting this was. 
But from the beginning of creation, God made them male and female.  For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother, and the two shall become one flesh; so they are no longer two, but one flesh.  What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate.  
Mark 10:6-9

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mema meets Silas

 Mark's mom Connie came for a vist last week to meet her 6th grandchild.  She has 4 grandsons now and 2 granddaughters.  She brought old photos for Mark and I to look through.  It was really fun looking at Mark when he was a baby.
 This is Mark's dad and mom
 Here is Mark's mom, dad and big brother Mike holding Mark just home from the hospital.
Sweet little Mark back in 1975.  

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Guy Time

 Mark and Levi the other evening built a model car together.  Levi was so excited and they had so much fun doing this together. 

Monday, May 20, 2013


 My mom is the best!  She came and stayed with us for 13 days to help out while I recovered and rested from the birth.  Thirteen days went way too fast and we miss her so much.  But the 13 days were great and the kids got to spend so much time with Grammie-goo.  
 Here my mom and the kids are talking with my dad over Skype.  My dad didn't come on this trip because of the birth but they are coming back very soon so he can meet Silas in person.  
 My mom was her for Mother's day and the kids got her some fun gifts.
 My first trip out of the house with Silas and everyone was to Starbucks and to a farmers market on Mother's day.  Living far away from my parents has been hard in many ways.  But God has been so good to bring us together (many times), especially at times that really mean something to us, like Silas' birth and Mother's day.  
 Here we are up on our bed talking to my dad on Skype again.  Right during the conversation with him Lulu's front tooth fell out.....while on Skype.  Papa got to see it all.  
My mom reading to the boys.  
We had a great visit with my mom.  I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful mom and dad who spoil us and love us so much.

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Silas's Birth Story

 Silas Mark was born on Thursday, May 2nd 2013 at 7:53pm.  He weighed 7lbs. 9oz. and was 20.5" long.  

Thursday, May 2nd started out like most normal days with breakfast as a family.  My mom was on her way from Redmond, WA to come for the birth.  We decided to have her come early before my due date  (due date May 16th) because I was already 4cm dilated and my midwife felt I was going to go early by how things were going.  My mom was planning on arriving in Boise around 1 or 2pm.  I had my weekly midwife appointment that day so as a family we headed out to my appointment that was at noon.  My appointment went great, I was exactly 38 weeks.  We left my appointment and headed home and at that point my mom was about an hour away.  I had no idea I would be in labor later this day, I felt great and normal and not in labor at all.

My mom arrived at our house 1:30pm and I then got to take a really great nap.  When I got up I visited with my mom and she made dinner.  Then just my mom and I went to my weekly chiropractic appointment at 5:15pm.  While I was on the table at the chiropractor I had my first contraction at 5:30pm.  So when we got in the car I told my mom I wanted to head right home.  I just knew my contractions were real and this was it.  My mom could tell I was serious and drove me right home.  We got home and Mark and the kids were heading out to get the mail.  I told Mark that I thought I might be in labor.  So I went inside, went to the bathroom and from the bathroom called my midwife to tell her to come now!  She said they were on their way.  I went outside to find Mark and when they got back from the mailbox I told him that my midwife was on her way.  So Mark knew this was it.  He ran up stairs to get the bed ready and all the labor things out.  Lulu went up with him to help.  My mom got the kids upstairs to get them ready.  I just did my thing and headed up stairs too.  I got dressed into my labor dress and was all ready for the evening ahead.  My contractions at this point were about 2 min apart and coming on strong.  So far all my labors have come on strong and go fast so I knew Silas was coming quickly.

My midwife showed up with her assistants around 6:30pm and they got all their things situated.  I called some friends from church who were planning on helping during the labor.  They showed up around 6:45pm.  My mom was right there with me and helping me get through my strong contractions.  She also took most of these pictures below.  It was an answer to prayer that my mom was at this birth.  We weren't sure how it was going to work out to have her at the birth since she lives about 8.5hrs away but God knew and we are so amazed how perfect it worked out.  My kids were all there showing me love while I labored.  Lulu and I had memorized some Bible verse to say during labor.  Lulu would come up and whisper them in my ear to encourage me.  That is probably one of my favorite memories of my labor. Levi played Legos upstairs in the kids room for most of the labor and would come into our room to check in on me.  Ila played too and stayed with Mark mostly.  All 3 kids did great and I love having them close to me during labor.

Around 7:35pm my water broke and I felt so much relief then.  The pressure was gone and now I had a bit of a rest.  Although I was a bit discouraged I wasn't pushing right away.  I didn't have the urge to push for about 15 more min.  Then once I felt like I needed to push my midwife slowed me down and I gave a good slow push and Silas was born at 7:53pm.  I birthed Silas standing up leaning at the foot of our bed.  I pretty much labored the entire time in the same spot.  My midwife handed Silas right up to me and then I got to lie down on the bed with him.  At this point we all noticed that Silas had not cried yet.  I kept asking my midwife if he was ok.  He was really purple/blue too and we could hear he was struggling to breath.  They got the oxygen on him and my midwife had to take him from me to try to get him to cry and breath.  He was struggling and not getting better so they called 911.

The paramedics showed up took Silas to the ambulance and helped me down the stairs out the front door and got me onto a stretcher.   Everyone was praying and really there was a peace that we all had.  I wasn't panicked  at all.  I was of course concerned but at peace.  The paramedics were amazing and so helpful and kind. They were working with Silas in the ambulance with oxygen and once they got me into the ambulance they handed him right to me.  He was still naked but I had two blankets around him with a blue little hat.  Mark grabbed an outfit for Silas and my purse.  My mom stayed with the kids while Mark and our midwife and good friend from church all went to the hospital.  The ride to the hospital was actually really nice.  I got to nurse Silas for the first time on the road in the ambulance and Silas was already doing so much better.  I had to hold oxygen over him while nursing but I could just tell he was doing great.  His latch was great and his suck was strong.  I just knew he was healthy by his suck and that he was nursing so well.  We arrived at the ER in the Children's hospital and they took Silas from me and got all the monitors hooked up to him to check his oxygen and heart rate.  He was placed on the table and Mark and I were able to be right by his side.  Silas's numbers were so bad on the monitors yet he was doing great and only getting better.  The nurses and doctor were amazed he was doing so well with such bad numbers on the monitor.  We were all praying over him.  We even had a Christian nurse which Mark and our good friend prayed for on our way to the hospital.  They prayed that we would meet a Christian in the ER.  What a blessing.

So since Silas was doing so well I asked if I could nurse him.  They handed him right back to me and I got to nurse him right there and again he nursed great.  I was so happy.  The doctor wanted to keep him for 24hrs to monitor him but we decided to take him home and monitor him ourself.  So we left and got home around 11:30pm.  When we got home my midwife finished the newborn check, weighed him and measured him.  She made sure I was doing fine and once everything was done everyone went home and we got to go to bed.  It was truly the perfect labor and birth even with the little trip to the ER.  The best part about all of it was to see so many prayers answered and how amazing our God is!  Also that we have a healthy little boy.  
 Lulu giving me a kiss during labor.
 In-between contractions.
 I love this one with Levi playing with his train on our bed while I labored. 
 Mark taking video!
Here I am with Silas on my chest right after the birth with oxygen on him.  Lulu was right by my side like always.  Love that girl!!!!  She is truly such a servant. 
 Here you can see the paramedic in the back holding Silas.  They handed him right too me which was so comforting to me.  
 Here they are wheeling Silas and I into our room in the ER.
 I love this picture because Silas was giving us a great cry and he's really pink too!!!  Praise God!!
 Getting him hooked up to the monitors. 
 Mark got to hold his oxygen mask over him.  
 Here I am, I'm truly happy here seeing how well he was doing.  You can tell how quick they got us to the time to change my birthing outfit.  I have vernix all over me.  But I didn't care at all! 
 Daddy holding his new son for the first time.  
 Kiss, kiss we did it!!!!  A healthy baby boy!!
Heading home!!!!!!!!  
 My midwife Donna doing his first check up. 
Here I am talking to my dad on the phone telling him the good news and my mom right by my side.  And the picture below is my favorite because I'm in bed with my newborn right where I wanted to be.  Done with labor and feeling great!!!