Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Mechanic

This weekend Mark got to work on his 1965 VW beetle, a hobby that he enjoys. Mark loves Volkswagen's and I would say it's in his blood because his grandpa who came over from Bulgaria in the late 1940's owned a VW bus. When I first met Mark back in 2002 he owned a 1966 VW bus similar to his grandpa's and I owned a 1973 VW beetle. The picture below is Mark 8 years ago (a month after we met) working on my beetle. He took such good care of me (and still does) always making sure my little bug was running properly. Here is my 1973 VW beetle and Mark's 1966 VW bus back in May 2002. A lot has changed in 8 years, but not Mark's love for a classic Volkswagen.


dee dee said...

I just love your cars! Do you still own them? Dee Dee

Andrea said...

I LOVE them! WOW!!

Kimberly said...

dee dee,
No, we don't own the two in the picture anymore. We wish we did. We just have the 1965 baby blue one in the first picture. My husband would love to get another bus and so would I.

Christine said...

VW's beetles are in your blood, also!
Your Grandparents had one, I had one, your Dad had one, your Uncle had one!
No wonder Lulu love Volkwagon Beetles!