Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Going to G.G's

Today we went and visited my grandma. Lulu calls her G.G. because she is her great-grandma. We live really close to the retirement community that G.G. lives in so we are able to go visit quit a bit. Whenever we drive by in the car Lulu always yells "hi G.G's house"Levi was of course just as sweet as can be. He even rolled over for G.G. while we were visiting. When I was little grandma always had little toys around her house for me to play with. They weren't the "typical" toys but they were always so much fun. Nothing has changed because G.G. still has the most interesting things for Lulu to play with. One of Lulu's favorite things to play with is G.G.'s remote control for her lights. So we usually have a light show while Lulu pushes all the buttons on and off a few times until she is bored with that and goes onto the next thing. After we visit for a bit in her apartment we all pile into the elevator and head up to the dining room for lunch. There's always a table reserved for us right by the window and Lulu knows right where to go.We have been having lunch with G.G. since Lulu was a newborn. It's been fun for my grandma's friends to see Lulu grow and now they are all getting to know LeviHere we all are. These are my grandma's only great-grandchildren (so far). What a special thing to have great-grandchildren but especially for them to have a great-grandma.


dee dee said...

Time with Grandparents and Great Grandparents is so special! What a legacy you are leaving for your beautiful kids! I can only imagine it brings joy to your Grandma as well!
Dee Dee

Christine said...

Thank you for sharing these pictures!
Looks like Lulu had fun eating watermelon.