Friday, June 1, 2012


 It's June and the roses our blooming in my moms rose garden. 
 I got out my crystal rose bowl and filled it with some roses.  They all smell amazing.  These roses are the real deal, not like the "farmed" ones that don't smell at all.   
 What do you think of Ila May's hair?  It was really windy today.  The wind was unusually warm too.  We spent the afternoon outside enjoying the weather. 
 When I was snipping the roses I found a lady bug in one of the buds.  Lulu LOVES lady bugs and is always looking for them.  At the dollar store the other day I picked up some bug containers with a magnifying glass on the end for the kids.   Just in time for Lulu's lady bug.
 She also put the rose bud in with the lady bug.
 Through the rose bushes you can see Levi and Lulu hard at work in their garden.


carleen said...

Your an awesome photographer, I too LOVE ladybugs. Used to collect ladybugs. :-)

dee dee said...

Your Mom does have such beautiful roses! dee dee