Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October 2012

Warning!! Lots of pictures!!!  
 This past month has been a busy month!!  I haven't updated this blog and I don't want to get behind.  So this will be a recap of the month of Oct.  We traveled down to Medford, OR to visit Marks family. 
Here we are at the original Harry and David store.  This was a really fun place to visit and shop.
 Then we had to stop at Black Bird in Medford. It's a sporting goods store that has been here since Mark's mom was a little girl.  She used to go here.
 Here are some cousins.  Ava (on the left), Haley (in the middle) and Lulu.  
 We took a day and went to Ashland where Mark's mom grew up, it's about 10min from Medford.  
 Ashland is famous for the Shakespeare Festival and we got to tour the outdoor theater. 
 Sitting in the seats.
 Back in Medford we stayed with Mark's dad and he helped Mark put an awning on our trailer.
 Here's Lulu standing in front of the awning that is halfway put up.
 Then we left Medford and spent our first night in a Walmart parking lot!  This was very exciting.
 We then made our way to the Oregon coast and drove north on highway 101.  Here we stopped at the sand dunes.  Behind Mark and the kids is all sand, no water.  The water was a ways out.  
 Here we are with our travel trailer aka home.
 We spent the night at a 1000 trails park one night, thinking we might stay a while but there were these warnings all over and the dumpster just a few campsites away was ravaged over night and garbage was everywhere.  So we headed north to another 1000 trails in Seaside, OR. 
We had been using Mark's dad's house for laundry so now was the first time I got to use the laundromat. This was a fun adventure.  Not one I love but a good memory.  
 Here the kids are at the beach finally.  They were so excited.  This was at Seaside. 
Dinner in Seaside.
 We spent a day down in Tillamook, OR to visit the cheese factory.
 Here we are watching them package up the cheese we buy.  We only buy Tillamook because it's that good.  
 Then we spent some time in Cannon Beach, OR.  My favorite place in the world.  
My parents came down and spent some time with us in Cannon Beach.
 Our month was busy!  It was fun but also hard.  I'm just finishing up my first trimester and this pregnancy I have felt so sick.  So as much fun as it was I was sick the entire time.  Being gone a month is very odd.  We left when it still felt like summer in WA and returned to Fall.  


Christine said...

Great pictures!
Cannon Beach is MY favorite place in the world, too!

carleen said...

Awesome, wonderful, exciting pictures and times...so sorry you were so sick. I wouldnt know it by the looks on your beautiful families faces...everyone looks so healthy and happy. You in particular look like a gorgeous HSN model!!! No kidding you really are that pretty.