Monday, February 11, 2013

My Mom

We had a wonderful visit with my mom.  It wasn't long enough!  The day she flew home I think I cried myself to sleep.  And then cried the next day too.  I think it takes a really good cry after such a wonderful visit to be able to get back to normal.  We miss my parents so much!!

What we did:
Read tons of books
Decorated Cookies
Did homeschool
Did Grandma Class - she taught the kids about Oranges and Giraffes 
Made Valentines cards
My mom rubbed my feet!!!
My mom pampered me
Gave lots of hugs and kisses
Did family Bible time with my mom
Went for a walk
Watched two John Wayne Westerns from the 1930's after the kids were in bed
And more that I probably can't think of.  

I sure can't wait till March when my dad and my mom both come for a visit!!

1 comment:

Christine said...

Wow, we really did do a lot of things, didn't we.
When we come back the weather will be even more beautiful. Looking forward to much more fun!