Friday, August 15, 2014

Silas Update

This first picture of Silas with the blue shirt in the swing is him on his first birthday (5/2/14) five days before open heart surgery.  The second picture of Silas in the swing is him at 15months (8/5/14) just 3 months after open heart surgery.  
 This first picture is Silas two weeks before open heart surgery weighing 12.6 lbs at almost 12 months old.  And the second one is of Silas today (8/15/14) at 15 months old weighing 18 lbs.  
 This first picture is of Silas two weeks before open heart surgery.  He was recovering from pneumonia and at his smallest.  His body was using all it's energy to pump blood and oxygen and the rest of his body was shutting down.  We praise God for sustaining Silas' little body during his first year of life.  It's truly a miracle!

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Christine said...

He never stopped smiling through it all.