Friday, September 5, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday Levi!!

 WOW!!  Five years has flown by.  Levi is such a blessing to our family and has such a tender, giving heart. He is a protector and is always looking out for his 3 siblings. He loves the Lord and loves his family!  He loves to share and wants to make sure everyone else is enjoying anything he is enjoying. 
 This year Levi will be starting homeschool, doing kindergarten.  
 Levi at 15 months vs. 5 years old.  
These two are best buds! 
Papa and Grammie-goo came for a visit to celebrate!
Because this was Levi's golden birthday (turned 5 on the 5th)  we rented a bounce house and surprised him.  The kids got to spend the day bouncing and playing.  It was a blast. 
 We were able to hook up the hose and make it a water slide. 
 Grammie-goo played just as hard as the kids.
 We did slow down a bit in the afternoon for a little break. 
 After the rest time the kids were back to playing and jumping. 
Happy Golden Birthday Levi!  We love you!

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Christine said...

Happy Golden Birthday Levi!
I was sore for days but I'd play in that Jump House again and again.
What a great memory.
You are so special to me. You are my Cowboy!