Thursday, April 30, 2015

April 2015

My parents bought a house just down the road from us and moved to Idaho!!!  My mom moved first while my dad stayed back in WA to finish up some things there.  
 We had a flood upstairs that flooded our downstairs and started our adventure into remodeling the house.  
 This is our old formal dining room that we never used as a dining room but as a tumbling room for the kids since there was nice plush carpet....LOL.  This is is where a lot of the water damage happened.  Five rooms in our house were flooded!!!  Two upstairs and 3 down.  
 These lovely fans got to be in our house for a good week running day and was very loud.
 This is looking into Mark's office that got a good amount of water damage. 
 Here is a picture taken from in our homeschool room looking into the formal dining. 
We had a chandelier hanging in this room that became water logged and fell out of the celling the moment one of the workers touched it. 
All this water damage was from ONE load of laundry that emptied onto the floor and not in the wasn't running water, just the ONE load draining!  We never in a million years thought we would have this much damage.  

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Christine said...

The year 2015 has been a blessing is so many ways!