Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 2015

Warning.....lot's remodel pics coming up....scroll past if you want to see more exciting pic of our family....ha! 

This wall is coming down!!!  
This wall got the most water damage in it.  When we bought this house I mentioned to Mark how I would love to open up the two rooms and take this wall down.  Mark said "Sure! Someday we can do that."  Well, someday is now!!  
Here's the other side of the wall.
The workers put up the plastic.  
The wall is behind the plastic. 
Our contractor allowed the kids to help with the first few swings in the demo.  

Silas had enough of the construction noise...he just wanted to eat in peace.
And now onto other things that happened in June......
My dad stared teaching Science to the kids.
 Silas had the first of his two eye surgeries.  
 Happy Silas....typical Silas.
I got to go into the operating room while they put Silas under.  I'm so glad I went. It was nice to be there to comfort him. 
Getting ready....
Now just waiting for the time to go in for surgery. 
 The doctor came in and marked his right eye.....now we are ready to go!
After surgery in recovery. 
 Here's Silas two days later......a bit swollen but doing great. 
 This is our guest room.  June was a fun and full month for having guest.  We had 3 different families stay with us.
 Mark's grandparents came to visit.  This was sweet because since then they both have declined in their activity and memory.  After this visit they were moved into an assisted living facility. 
 Slip-n-slied time!!
 The grandparents watched the fun in the water. 
 Grandpa Linn showed us all how to play competitive horseshoes. 
 And the kids showed him how to play tether ball. 
 Mark's mom, Lulu and Grandma Teddy enjoying some shade under the tree.
 Tea party time. 
 We celebrated Father's day!
 We spent some time swimming at Arrowhead reservoir.
 Here's Lulu enjoying the daisy's in our yard.  
What a fun June!!

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