Saturday, September 24, 2011

Favorite Things

Today we went to the store as a family.  And when we had parked and were walking through the parking lot we all spotted this orange Volkswagen all the way on the other side, so we had to go check it out.  From a distance we didn't see that is was a chopped version or that it said Tillamook on it.  But as we got closer we noticed how cute and little this VW bus was. 
Two of our favorite things, Volkswagen's and Tillamook cheese.  This is truly the only cheese I buy.  I was raised on Tillamook cheese. We have been to the Tillamook cheese factory in Tillamook, OR many times. If you have never had it, don't because you will never be able to eat another brand again.  Also, if you have never driven an air cooled VW, don't because you will want to buy one and start driving it.  Mark has a beetle and any opportunity I get, I take his beetle to run my errands.  They are so much fun to drive.

Click HERE to check out the Tillamook Love Loaf tour site.  They took our picture and said they would post it.  Who knows, maybe we'll be on there.


Christine said...

How fun is that!
That van is soooooooooo Mark! Even the color!

Anonymous said...

Cool! I looked for pics of yall in your state but didn't find ya......lemme know if you get famous and they post.

I can't say I have ever tasted that cheese. Want to now, they were just here a couple days ago and we missed them. Pity!


Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

That is so super cute. I agree they are so fun to drive.