Thursday, August 2, 2012

Couch or Sofa?

What do you say, couch or sofa?  My grandparents used to say davenport. In our family we say couch.  Tonight we sold our couch.  We will be storing some things but our furniture we are either giving away or selling.  Mark and I bought this couch right after we got married and bought our first house.  We were so excited to get a real leather couch.  It was perfect for the look we were going for.  That look has changed so much over the past 7 years but this couch has been great for us through it all.  It has been the place we take pictures on, many guests have slept on it, I have taken hundreds of naps on it, even the kids nap on this couch.  So I thought I would share some pictures of our children with you as they posed for the camera on this couch.  By the way the family that bought this couch from us called it a sofa....LOL. 
 Lulu (2) and Levi a day old - 2009
 Lulu (3) and Levi 12 months - 2010
Lulu (4), Levi (20 months) and Ila May two days old - 2011
Lulu (5), Ila May (14.5 months old) and Levi (2.5) - 2012

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Christine said...

I can a test, it was a great place to lay your head down.