Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Fair!

 Monday we went to the fair!  This is an annual thing we do with Mark's mom Connie.  The funny thing is that Mark and Connie don't like rides, they get motion sick from them.  Where Lulu and I can ride them all day long!  Lulu and I already have the rides picked out that we are going on when she gets a bit taller.  We will be going on all the upside down ones and the ones that go fast and spin!!!  I'm not sure about Levi, so far he has enjoyed all the kid rides. 
 Every year Lulu gets the same unicorn painted on her face.
This year was so exciting for Lulu because she was tall enough to ride the ferris wheel.  Ever year we measure and say "maybe next year" and this was the year!!  She was so excited she was jumping up and down. 
Our view from the top!
Levi wasn't tall enough for the ferris wheel or many of the big rides but all the kid rides he could go on and he was thrilled with that.
Lulu and I rode on the BIG roller coaster.  It was so fast and the dips were very big.  She did great but was a bit surprised by how fast and scary it was.  She did ask to go again.....then backed out. 
So we rode the ferris wheel again this time with Mark. 
One last motor cycle ride for the night. 

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Down-home country fun is always the best.