Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Library

 I took the kids to the library the other day.  They each got their very own library card.  
 They had so much fun picking out their 2 books each.....yes only two since my drivers license didn't match our new address on the form I filled out to get them their new cards.  The librarian said the kids won't be able to get their 100 books (at one time) limit until I can bring in a piece of mail verifying our new  100 books!!!  We would need a bigger trailer for that, because that would mean 200 books between the two of them and if Mark, Ila and I used that limit that would be a total of 500 book for our family.  I wonder if people really hit the max limit on that?  That would be too stressful for me to try to keep track of.  I like the 2 book limit rule!  I might not bring in any mail 
They are so excited about their new cards.  They both picked out the same one...LOL, so I had to write their names on them.  There were like 20 colors and pictures to chose from and they had to pick the same one. :)
 Then on our walk back home we stopped and looked around our towns city hall.
 We took a break to watch the kids (and two adults) at the skate park.  Lulu was excited to start reading her books, she thought Levi would be too so she placed his two in front of him....yeah, he wasn't interest.  


dee dee said...

One summer I made library bags doe each of my kids... and once a week we would travel to the library to get our books! Treasure these times!
dee dee

Kimmy said...

Dee Dee that is such a great idea!!!! What a fun sewing project to do.

Martha A. said...

Nice! I would never be able to do a 2 book limit, but we only have one card for all of us. They send me emails to keep track of books. when I have over 50 books out, I get nervous.

GT said...

outstanding, i can finally drive through town without my groucho marx glasses on....took the books

Angel said...

Does your library have a bunch of branches? As you travel it may be fun to visit the different ones too :)