Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Levi!!

Today is Levi's 3rd birthday!  I say this for every birthday but I can't believe he's 3!!!!!  He is my sweet cuddly little boy who always gives me kisses and loves his sisters so much.
Yesterday Levi asked me "can we eat animals" and I said "yes, but only certain ones....we can't eat animals like dogs." Then Levi said "but we can eat hot dogs!"  LOL!!!!  He is so cute and such a joy in our life.  He is such a boy.  His absolute favorite things are motor cycles, trucks and cars.  He just loves them!  He points out all the neat vehicles he sees while we drive.  He tells me how someday he's going to drive them. Levi is a positive little guy and sees the glass half full.
Click HERE to read Levi's birth story.
 I told Levi that I needed to take his birthday picture and he asked me if we could take it by the wheel barrow because he loves the wheel on it.  It was a bit sunny so I then took another by the garden.

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Christine said...

What a guy!
He comes up with the cutiest sayings.

Happy Birthday Big Boy!
Grammie Goo Loves You!