Thursday, March 14, 2013

30th Birthday Celebration!!

My parents drove in to Boise yesterday for a visit.  Oh how wonderful it's been to have them here!!!!  We miss them so much and it's so nice to hug them and touch them and see them in person.  My 30th birthday is March 31st and my parents wanted to celebrate it while they were here. 
We found a wonderful pizza place close by and the best part about it and one of the reasons we wanted to try it was because of the name.  LuLu's Fine Pizza!  We were very pleased with this restaurant.  It was super casual yet felt a bit fancy.  The atmosphere was perfect, nice music in the background and since it was warm the garage door window was wide open to make it feel like you were eating outside. There was a magnate board for the kids to play with and the important part was that the food was really good! 
Lulu wants to start signing her name like this.  
Lulu's favorite meal is caesar salad and that's what she had.....appropriately called Lulu's Caesar on the menu.
We had a great night and our time with my parents is just beginning!!!!!!

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