Sunday, March 24, 2013

Emergency Room Visit

 Lulu had been sick for a week and by the weekend she was not able to keep any food in or liquids in.  She got dehydrated and we took her to the ER to hydrate her.  Poor little thing was not feeling well.  They did blood work and some other tests and could not figure out what was making her so sick.   
 They gave her this bear and she got to bring him home. 
 Her legs had been bothering her and she was in pain when she walked.  The doctor took her on a walk to see how she was doing.  
Finally she was able to fall asleep and rest.  
And here is a happy, hydrated little girl!!!  She was feeling great as we left the ER.  Later that day she got sick again and for the next week was still sick.  Thankfully we kept her hydrated and finally she is all better.  Praise the Lord!   

1 comment:

Christine said...

These pictures are hard to look at.
So happy she is better and back to herself.
Praise God!