Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Silas' Eye Procedure

 Silas was born with his left eyelids still fused together by three different connections.  One connection spot came apart on it's own and two were still connected.  It didn't bother him and didn't obstruct his vision but cosmetically it was an issue and looked like he had eye gunk in his eye.  So we took him to a baby eye doctor to have it corrected.  
 Here you can see the skin still connected in two places at the corner of his eye.  There was a third connection in the middle of the two that came apart on it's own.  
Here's the after picture!  It was a simple, quick procedure.  They numbed his eyelids and then did a quick snip and it was done.  He didn't even cry much.  

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Christine said...

It looks like his eyes are still BLUE.
So happy that is over with.

He is adorable.