Monday, July 1, 2013

It's HOT!!!!!!!!

 It's HOT!!!! And as of this post it's only getting hotter.  It's says 107 now and they think it might hit 108.  I wonder if there is a difference in how 108 feels compared to 106?  My mom sent us a package and it's sitting in the mail box today.  Usually when we know she sent us something we would rush to the mailbox. It takes about 5 minutes to walk to the mailbox with the kids, maybe 2 alone.....not getting the mail for a while! 
 We had to document that we have actually been in this hot of weather.  This winter we were in 0 degrees and now we have been in 106 degrees.  Moving to Boise has taken us to the extremes (extreme for us).  
 Ila May thought it was fun to run in the heat....only for a minute.  We only stayed outside for about 3 minutes to get some pictures and then we went right back into the air conditioning.  It was a bit hard to breath.  I did not take Silas out.  

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Carleen said...

Everybody is so little guys summer cut!! Time for me to do that to my boys.