Friday, September 20, 2013

A Broken Leg

 Tuesday morning Mark took the morning off to go to the zoo with us.  At the zoo there is a giraffe slide the kids love playing on.  Ila May has gone down this slide many times on her own.  But since Mark was with us she wanted to ride down with her daddy.  Half way down the slide Ila's foot caught the edge of the slide an her leg broke.  We didn't know it broke at the time.
This happened Tuesday morning.  After coming down the slide Ila was crying and Mark and I both were concerned that she might have hurt her leg pretty bad.  She wasn't screaming or acting badly hurt so we thought maybe it was just sore or a pulled muscle.  When we got home we had her rest and I thought a good day of rest would be all she needed.  But....she didn't want to walk on it and wouldn't put her foot down at all.  The odd thing was she was folding her legs and moving around just fine but the only thing she wouldn't do was stand on it.  So again I thought maybe just some rest would help.
That night Ila slept great and didn't cry at all, she rolled around in her bed like normal too....she just didn't want to walk or stand.  So in the morning when she still didn't want to walk or stand Mark and I took her to urgent care.  They took some X-rays and sure enough her leg was broken.  I was amazed how good she was about it and how normal she acted.  The doctor at urgent care said when little kids break a bone they usually don't act like what we would assume they would act like. Good to know!
 Here is one of her X-rays. If you look at the lower part of her leg on the right side of the larger bone (the tibia) there is a fracture.  The other X-ray shows the fracture going across the back side of the bone (I didn't get a picture of that X-ray).  A buckle fracture is what she has and it means that half of her bone buckled and the other half was unaffected.  It will be 4 weeks in a cast.
 Here is Ila waiting to get her hard cast put on.  She's wearing her brothers sweat pants....the only pants that fit over the splint she had on.
 Here is her cute little leg as her cast dried.
 When we arrived home Ila received flowers, balloons and a teddy bear from Mema, Mark's mom.
 The splint that the urgent care put on her was very uncomfortable. Her leg and foot could move and the splint didn't stay on this wiggly 2 year old. Ila would cry from the pain if she moved the wrong way.  So we are very thankful the doctor got us in day early to get her cast put on.  Now she is pain free since the leg and foot can't move now.
 I gave her a pink pedicure to match her pink cast.
 Nurse Lulu has been taking care of Ila and making sure she is not bored.
 Ila crawls around the house or scoots on her bottom then she can pull herself up on one are all the kids getting bites of Marks lunch.  Ila sure didn't want to miss out on a bite of daddy's lunch.  Levi has enjoyed using the ace bandage from Ila's splint as a hat...LOL.
 Lulu has been pushing Ila around in the doll stroller and again the ace bandage has come in handy to strap her in.
Ila has been a trooper and doesn't seem down at all.  Little kids are amazing and so strong. I'm sure the next 4 weeks will be easy and not too different then our normal routine.  
Here is a interesting article about riding a slide with an adult.  Too bad we didn't read it sooner.  

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Christine said...

You can't tell she broke her bone!
Smiles and more smiles :)
So cute how the cast matches her dress and toes. It's a fashion statement.