Thursday, September 5, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Levi!

 Levi turned 4 years old!!!  I think I say this every birthday but I truly can't believe he's 4!!!!  He is my most cuddly child and loves to give me kisses.  If I ask for a kiss he holds my cheeks and kisses me.  I can't wait to get a hug from him when he's all grown up and taller then me.  I know his hug then will be just as sweet and cuddly as it is now.  Levi is naturally a giver....he loves to share and he loves his sisters.  He asks to play with them.  Right now I'm teaching both Lulu and Levi to read.  Lulu and Levi have become closer these past few months.  Ila May and Levi are closer in age and have been best buds always but now I think Levi enjoys the things that Lulu is doing a bit more.  Ila is just tagging along with them both.  It's been fun to watch.     
 Levi was my 6 hour labor baby.  We didn't know what we were having.  We had the names Levi and Ila picked out.....and to my excitement I looked down and saw we had our first little boy, Levi!  So far he's been my biggest baby at 9lbs 9ozs and 21.5" long.  

Here is his birth story and some pictures from that wonderful day.
My parents drove over for Levi's birthday and stayed for the weekend.  
 Levi got some really fun gifts!  Blocks, trucks, bathrobe, cowboy boots, coonskin hat and some other fun things.
 While my parents were here we visited the zoo.  During the summer they have a boat ride that we were able to go on.  It was really fun.
 My dad just had his hip replaced and is doing really well.  He's been very good about his exercise.  The kids joined in on it too. 
Check out my mom's blog about Levi's birthday!

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Christine said...

The picture of Levi with you, Kimmy is so wonderful! He looks like he is saying, "I love you too, mommy".
And then the pictures of your dad, exercising with the kids, just makes me laugh! We had so much fun.