Thursday, November 14, 2013

Happy 38th Birthday Mark!

We had a wonderful birthday for Mark.  Lulu and I planned a special day for him.  I took the kids shopping a few weeks earlier and we hid the gifts under the stairs.  Levi would walk by the stairs, point and put his pointer finger over his lips and give me a cute smile. 
We got Mark a new watch, a set with a pocket knife and work knife and a really nice hand truck....that's what's under the blue blanket in the background.  
Then that night we flew Mark on a surprise trip to Mexico.....The master bed was the air plane, Levi was the pilot and Lulu was the flight attendant.  He even got almonds and club soda as a snack.  When they landed (Mark didn't know where he had landed) they came out to the dining room and ate at a fine Mexican restaurant.  We had a blast celebrating.  

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Christine said...

Missed the party!
Enjoyed the pictures!!