Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

This year my parents came for 6 days and we celebrated Thanksgiving a week early.  It was so fun and nice to have them here for such a nice trip.
My dad, Silas and I went shopping together.....we had lots of fun and bought lots of fun goodies for Thanksgiving.  
My mom and Mark were in charge of the Turkey!!  They did a great job. 
My mom pretty much cooked the entire meal.  She's a great cook and her famous stuffing is a family favorite.  
Here is our annual family Thanksgiving picture.  Click HERE to see past family photos.
We decorated gingerbread homes....a fun tradition.  We do this while the food is cooking.  
Silas got his first bite of solid food.  We put an avocado through the food mill.  He enjoyed it.  
My mom brought the kids a very special and fun gift.  The last trip she was here she measured our dining room table and made a table top fort.  
While my parents were here Mark put together our new swing set.  My mom and dad both helped and then got to play and enjoy the swing set with the kids. 
One of my favorite things this trip was making glitter quarters with my mom.  This is what the tooth fairy brings and my mom help me restock my supply.  When I was a little girl my mom made glitter quarters and it was fun to do this with her.  
One evening Mark and I got to go out on a date while my parents babysat. We brought Silas with us since he still nursing.  We went out to coffee and then did some Christmas shopping.  The picture below is of me waving to Ila over text message.  My mom and her were texting us and asked for a picture of mommy....."Hi Ila May, mommy and daddy are having a nice date." 
My moms birthday is Dec. 8th so we did a little celebration and had her open her gifts.  Lulu worked really hard and sewed my mom a tote.  Lulu and my mom have matching totes now.  
This was a very special Thanksgiving!!  


Christine said...

We really did do a lot of things!
Yes, it was ALL fun!
And Lulu got to get TWO of those sparkly quarters already.
It was the best Thanksgiving ever!
(I know I say this every year but this time it really was.)

Just a little something from Judy said...

What a lovely family you have! I love having the privilege of stepping into your family happenings for a few minutes, this Tuesday morning. I learn so much from your mother. She is a wonderful lady!