Thursday, April 17, 2014

Happy 7th Birthday Lulu!

 Our sweet little Lulu turned 7!! We are so blessed to have such a loving daughter who loves to serve.  She loves the Lord and has a heart to share the gospel with the lost.  She can read and loves doing her homeschool activities.  Lulu helps make breakfast almost daily and can sew many different things.  She helps me stay organized and knows where everything is in our house....something I don't even know.  When she grows up she wants to be a wife and mommy.  
 For her birthday we got her a porcelain doll.  This doll was a fun surprise for her because a few months earlier she saw it in the window of our favorite thrift store.  The store was closed but we were doing some window shopping.  She just loved it and I knew then I had to go back when the store was open to get it for her birthday.  So a few days later I went right when the store opened.  There was a lady in front of me and she went right to the doll, looked and walked away!  So I got the doll and looked at her to make sure she wasn't broken.  She was in excellent condition and came with her original doll box and stand.  A week or so later we all went to the thrift store and Lulu didn't say anything but I saw her looking at the window where the doll was.  She was a bit sad to see someone had bought the doll of her dreams but she was ok and didn't think much about it after that.  So on her birthday morning she was thrilled to see the doll sitting in the living room waiting for her!!  
For all the kids they get the amount of balloons for their age on their birthday. 
 The past couple birthdays Lulu has wanted chocolate cake and chocolate frosting.  I used to make fun themed cakes but it's hard to do that with chocolate frosting.  This year she asked for the same chocolate on chocolate.  I then said "would you like a surprise cake" and then she got excited.  So I made her a doll cake.  I got this doll cake for her 1st birthday when we had a luau and made a hula girl.  I still had the doll and cake pan.  

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