Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!!

The kids got dressed up for our New Years Eve celebration.  
 During the day we made noise makers to shake at midnight.  My mom had my brother and I make these every year when we were little for New Years Eve.  So the tradition continues.  We take two paper plates, decorate them, staple them right sides together and leave a small hole at the top and fill with pop corn kernels.   Then staple the opening up.  Shake and make some noise!
Around 9pm Mark lit some fire works he saved from the 4th of July.  This was really fun to watch. 
The kids got to camp out in our bedroom for the evening.  We stayed up and watched Shirley Temple movies.  The only ones to make it to midnight were Lulu, Levi and Mark.  Silas fell asleep first then Ila May and I fell asleep in our bed.  The kids woke me up right before midnight so I could celebrate with them. 
 At midnight we ran outside and used our noise makers and pots and pans to celebrate 2015!

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Christine said...

What a fun family!
Noise makers, party hats, fireworks and staying up late, way to go!