Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Our First Pet!

 We got a bunny!!!  Welcome to the family Snowball!  
So we were told by some good family friends about the local farm store that's just down the road from our new house.  We had never been and didn't even know what the store was.  They said we had to go and how fun it is for kids.  They mentioned that they will have bunnies and chicks often and that's always fun.  Well......yeah, we went for the fun of it and came home with a bunny.  
Mark was with us and we all fell in love with the small white bunny in the group.  She/he was the only friendly one.  Mark's quite the guy!!  He said yes and bought us all the things we would need.  
Mark had fun putting the hutch together.
 Snowball lives in the garage for now until Mark builds an outdoor hutch.  
Sweet little Snowball.  She/he comes in and hangs out in the house for about an hour a day.  

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