Thursday, January 15, 2015

Grammie-goo's Visit

 Here are the kids waiting so eagerly to see Grammie-goo.  This is always so exciting to try to be the first one to spot her.  Since it's winter and the passes are snowy and icy my mom flys.  It's an hour and twenty minute flight vs. a 9 hour drive.  Not too bad! 
 Getting excited!!!
 We see her!!!
 This is the part I always get emotional at.  We haven't hugged her since Thanksgiving and it's just so nice to hug again. 
 My mom helped me organize my kitchen cabinets.  So helpful!!! 
We planned back in the fall to go to the Boise Philharmonic with Lulu and Levi.  So my mom planned her trip around the date we were going to go with our church homeschool group.  
The Morrison Center in the background where the concert was held. 
 We got there early!
 Lot's and lot's of reading time with Grammie-goo!

1 comment:

Christine said...

It's fun to see, the other side, of the airport reunion.

It was a great visit, as always.
(Love the hugs, too.)