Saturday, March 24, 2012

Going for a Truck Ride

 This morning my uncle Rick came by to give Levi a ride in his 1951 Chevy truck that he's been restoring.  Levi LOVES uncle Ricks trucks and cars and every time Levi sees uncle Rick he always asks him about his yellow truck.  So uncle Rick surprised Levi today and brought it over.  
 They both were so excited to play in the truck.  Plus uncle Rick let Levi take it for a drive.
 Then Lulu got to drive it.  Mark said that Levi was very focused and serious about driving and Lulu was excited and was looking all around having fun. 


Debbie said...

What a wonderful connection to history! I too am a vintage car lover and I've always wanted an old truck. Your kids are adorable and I think you are a great Mom. It makes me rejoice to see a happy family who loves the Lord!

Christine said...

Look at those faces!
Levi is going to own a yellow truck when he grows up.

dee dee said...

How fun!
dee dee

Anonymous said...

Your boy just loves anything with a vroom vroom doesnt he? Thats great!