Friday, March 2, 2012

Dress Up

Today my Aunt Linda came over. She brought Lulu a wedding veil to play dress up with. Levi got out his fireman hat and they played and played. I dug through the boxes in the garage and found my real bow bouquet from my wedding rehearsal.  I have saved it all these years and it's now come in handy!  I just knew I would have a little girl who would need it someday.
Levi made the couch a truck and was Lulu's chauffeur and they drove to Mexico.  Aunt Linda was the mechanic when they broke down and she also was the drive through person at McDonald's when they got hungry.


Christine said...

Oh that Aunt Linda!
She is the best!
Lulu must be in heaven.

Debbie said...

The making of good memories! What fun for all of them!

dee dee said...

Your posts always leave me with tons of smiles!
dee dee