Monday, March 12, 2012


 This week we are learning about umbrellas for our Grandma Class. Today was the perfect day for it too.  Lot's of rain.  Although we did learn that the first umbrella was not designed for rain, but for the sun to shade people.  Lulu has a parasol that was my great-great grandmothers.
 This morning the kids has a fun package on the front step that my mom left for them.  This is what was in it. 
 While the kids were enjoying their fun treats I was reading them some fun facts about umbrellas.
 We made umbrellas out of oranges and pretzel sticks.
Then the kids decorated a picture of an umbrella.  Levi colored his and Lulu cut out pieces of paper and glued them to her umbrella.
Thanks Mother!  They love it.


dee dee said...

I want to come join you all...
how fun!
dee dee

Christine said...

This just thrills me to see all the fun while learning.

I'm working on the next one!
Any guesses?