Sunday, May 6, 2012

Butterfly & Flower Party

 This weekend we celebrated Lulu's 5th and Ila's 1st birthdays with friends and family.  I picked butterfly and flowers as the theme. Ila May had flower cupcakes for her "cake."
 And Lulu had a butterfly cake.  She even helped decorate it.
 Mark's mom Connie was our caterer.  She made the butterfly and flower cookies along with our veggie and fruit trays and her famous Flintstone Bread Dip. 
Levi had a blast!
 The Grandmas!
My dad with the kids.
The weather was great!
Everyone got a butterfly net to take home.
Here is Lulu with her friend Abigail.  They are pen pals and have been enjoying sending cards back and forth. We were so excited that Abigail and her family made it down.  They live about 2 hours from us so having them here was very special. 
 Looking for butterflies!


dee dee said...

What a lovely party! Everyone looked like they enjoy this time together!
dee dee

Christine said...

Connie did an amazing job!
Can you believe all those children. All were so well behaved.
Great party Kimmy!

Angel said...

It was a WONDERFUL party! We were so glad we could be there!