Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Ila May!

Ila May you are 1 today!! You are so cute and so sweet. You have been taking a few steps on your own for a week now.  You are not timid at all and love to climb over things and hold on to things.  You are very social and not shy. You love to suck your thumb and to be held.  You can say Mama, Dada and "hi" really well.  You also say "nu-nu" for nurse when you want to nurse.  I love when you say that!  You have grown really close to Lulu in the past month.  You think she is just the best thing.  You have always loved Levi but Lulu had to grow on you and now she's your best friend it seems.  Here is your birth story.  I love you!


dee dee said...

It seems just like yesterday when she was born! Happy 1st Ila May!
dee dee

corners of my life said...

Time flies . . .
Enjoy every minute!