Friday, November 23, 2012


 The week before we moved we spent a morning walking around our favorite nursery with my parents looking at all the Christmas decorations.  We had a great time and after we went to Costco for lunch.


Debbie said...

I just love places like that where you're surrounded by Christmas 'lovelies'. Your kids are so precious. I know you must miss your mom and dad and I KNOW they are missing you.Both our daughters live away and we are overjoyed to spend time with them. You are very blessed to have such a good family. Wishing you a very Blessed Christmas!

dee dee said...

Oh the memories!
dee dee

carleen said...

Your dad looks like he is so patient with Ila....I dont thinkI would be able towalk throughthat place without all of them strapped in securely!!! Good Grandad!