Monday, November 19, 2012

We Moved!

 A week ago today we moved from WA state to Idaho.  We took two days to move.  Stopped half way in Oregon to visit Mark's grandparents and they are letting us park our trailer on their property until Spring when we can bring it over the mountains.  We decided to move out of the trailer and find a place to settle down.  Being pregnant really made me miss having a house.  I wanted to know where I would be bringing our baby home too.  I also would love to home birth again Lord willing and we decided to find a home.  We also knew the Seattle area wasn't where we wanted to be long term.  It was the hardest decision we have ever made because moving away from my parents and family was not an easy decision.  Thankfully we are just a good days drive and not across the country.  It's still hard and I miss my parents so much.  They are coming in just a couple weeks!!!  We are counting down the days!!  
 Here is our town house.  We will be renting month to month as we learn the area and figure out where we want to be.  So far we like the area we are in.  It's very odd to look off into the distance and see the hills/mountains.  If I'm out driving and I'm not sure where I am I can look to see where the mountains are and know about where I am. 
 This is my mom's coffee mug, she let me take it so I can think of her each morning as I drink my coffee and during the day as I sip on tea. I feel like I have a part of her with me while I'm putzing around the kitchen.  
 We have a very nice thrift store right down the road from us.  Lulu picked out this darling pink wool hat and Levi of course got one too.
Here is Ila May on our back patio and you can see our small yet very private back yard!!  Behind us is an office complex parking lot.  It's very private and quiet.  We rented our town house not seeing it.  We of course saw pictures and they sent us a walk through video so we got a really good feel for the unit.  But the area around we were unsure of.  We did some research and knew where we didn't want to be and sort of knew where we would like to be and this town house was in the perfect spot.  We feel very at home and comfortable here.  


Christine said...

It still hasn't sunk in that you are gone. Yes, the pitter patter of little feet and the noise level is gone.
Just today I wanted to ask you what you thought about all our rain but then I moved!

I am happy and excited that you are settling in and enjoying your new home. Do I smell cookies? Yumm!

corners of my life said...

Exciting news.
I see a gingerbread kit in the background. Will be looking for photos of the finished project.

Janette's Sage/Simply Your Decor said...

This is such a precious post to me and I can relate. A home...where you nest, where you make precious. I know you will adjust, but I also know how hard it can be. Blessings and yeah! for technology that allows you to be close to your mom in a new way. Blessings on this pregnancy and home birth...I have had three home births and loved them all...Blessings to your precious family.
I came from your mother's blog, she is a precious lady!

Marla and Steve said...

Here I am getting all weepy. Once a mom always a mom and you have made me miss my girls even more. You have a wonderful mother, but I know I don't have to tell you that.

Sometimes it's hard to go but in the end, you have to do what you feel is best for your family. Our middle moved to CA in June, as we pushed and she struggled because of my cancer, but we knew it was the best move for her and it has been. Now, all of our 3 daughters live in different states, but phone calls and texts keep us close. Like your parents, they are only a day's drive away.

You have a beautiful family.

dee dee said...

My thoughts and prayers will be with your family during this new transition! May you settle in quickly... dee dee

Sue said...

Having your mother's coffee cup is so precious, I so relate to you being away from your mom, Our only daughter lives two thousand miles away ! I pray many blessings on you and your family as you adjust to this move.
Happy Thanksgiving,

Just a little something from Judy said...

I enjoyed reading this post. You see, our daughter Kimmy and her husband will soon be moving to a new area of the country, now that he graduated from the university. By you sharing your heart here, it helped me prepare for where God leads them. I lke that your mother shared her coffee mug with you, and that gave me an idea. I can feel your mother's heart too, in missing you all so much.

I wish you the best as God continues to lead you one step at a time. The pictures of your children are adorable!

carleen said...

Your kids are adorable. Love the hats. Kelsey and I love half price day at our thrift store. the coffee cup is a beautiful idea!