Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Happy Thanksgiving 2012!!  We had a really fun day.  It was our first holiday away from our family.  So we made the best of it and had a lot of fun.  I still dressed the kids up and we still had the traditional turkey dinner.  
 We decorated and created ginger bread homes.  This was very fun and I think it will be a new Thanksgiving tradition.  
The kids got to make one they could eat.  I really wanted to make one to use as part of our Christmas deco this year but I knew the kids would want to eat it.  So I had them do their own to nibble on.  I think it's funny to compare Lulu's house vs. Levi's house.   
Lulu took this picture of us.  

 Here is our little village.  Mark made one too and it's in the back on the right.  Lulu helped me decorate the big one along with the Christmas tree.  I had mentioned to my parents how I was looking forward to decorating a ginger bread house with the kids once we moved into our town house in Boise.  So they surprised us one day and brought home a kit for us right before our move.  
Both Mark and I did the cooking.  I did the turkey and my moms famous stuffing!  She gave me a hand written recipe card for my recipe box right before we moved.  I again told her how excited I was to make her stuffing this hoo since we weren't going to be with them on Thanksgiving.
 Mark made the potatoes and green beans.  
 The best part was when we sat down to eat I put my laptop on the kitchen counter and we Skyped with my parents while we ate.  It was really fun.  Even though we are 502 miles away from them we still enjoyed our dinner together.  


Christine said...

I am so happy that you are continuing some traditions and starting some new ones.

Kelsey said...

cute! Wow....You ginger bread house lookes so much better than mine looked last year! Mine fell all apart!:(

May you rest in His love!