Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday Lulu!

I want to wish my sweet little Lulu a happy 6th birthday!!!!  I probably say this every year but I can't believe she is 6!  My first born, what a gift from God. Lulu is a servant and loves life.  She loves to help in any way she can and her favorite color since the day she was born has been pink.  She loves anything feminine and girly.  She loves being a big sister.  She is very organized (unlike me), she loves to keep our family on track and enjoys making things pretty in our home. 

I want to share how we named Lulu.  When I was pregnant with her we didn't know what we were having.  We wanted to be surprised at the birth.  So we had to come up with two names.  I had a few names in mind for Lulu if she was a girl.  One I remember was Camille and if she was a boy we were thinking Tyson.  We didn't really love any of them and just couldn't decided.  There was this store in Cannon Beach, OR that I grew up going to while on vacation with my family. It was my favorite store and it was called Lulu's.  When Mark and I got engaged Mark took my favorite ring that I had purchased at Lulu's and had my engagement ring designed off of that special ring.  I bought that ring at Lulu's when I was in 5th or 6th grade and I spent all my vacation money I had saved all year on it too.  When I met Mark I was 19 years old I still LOVED this ring and that's why Mark surprised me by designing my engagement ring off of it.
So, the name Lulu has always been a favorite name of mine.  But when I mentioned it to Mark we both thought that we couldn't name our baby Lulu, it just wasn't a normal name.  Then one day while I was very pregnant with Lulu I was reading a home decor magazine.  There was an article about this lady and her home and her name was Lulu.  She was an older lady and her home was so fun and feminine.  Right then I knew that it was ok to name our baby Lulu if she happened to be a girl.  Mark and I were sold on the name Lulu if we had a girl.  So, when I pushed Lulu out and we saw it was a sweet little girl Mark looked at me and I looked at him with a big smile and a small nod and he announced to everyone that her name is Lulu!  And she fits her name perfectly.  
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Christine said...

I can't believe Lulu is six years old, either!
When I think of Lulu, I think of pink!
Love her!