Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lulu's 6th Birthday

We had a great day celebrating Lulu's birthday.  Mark's mom was in town visiting so Connie and I had a fun time decorating the night before and wrapping gifts.  We always celebrate birthday's in the morning at our house.  Tradition is that we eat cake and ice cream for breakfast but this year we had cinnamon toast and strawberries.  
I have been working on putting together a dress up box for Lulu and that was what Mark and I got her. It's been fun collecting all sorts of dress up things.
My mom gave me this pretty chest that she has had for a long time to put all of the outfits in.  
Both my mom and Mark's mom helped put some pretty things in the dress up box.  
That morning Lulu had 6 pink roses delivered from my dad.  She was so excited.  
Levi and Ila May got Lulu a new bike basket and streamers for her her handle bars.  
That evening Connie wanted to take us out to dinner for Lulu's birthday dinner.  Lulu got to pick and she picked a buffet that we went to with Connie back in November when we moved here.  
When we got home we sang happy birthday and Lulu got to blow out her candles.  We were all so full that we ate the cake the next day.  
Lulu's 6th birthday was fun and memorable.  

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Christine said...

When I look at Lulu I see so much.
A little girl who is growing up before my eyes into a young girl. Love her!

The girl loves pink.