Wednesday, June 12, 2013


This past week my parents came for a visit.  This was my dads first time meeting Silas in person.  I was so excited for my dad to hold Silas.  So was my dad.  We all love when my parents visit.  We all cry when they have to head home.  
Here is my dad sitting in the back seat between the kids.  They wanted him right there.  It was just my dad, Lulu, Levi and I who went out for an evening trip to Walmart. One of my dads favorite things to do while in Boise is to go to Walmart.  This is because they don't have Walmart in Redmond, WA or anywhere close.  So Walmart is truly an experience for him.  Walmart was a new thing for Mark and I too and now it's our everyday grocery store. 
While at Walmart my dad spoiled the kids, candy, toys, and fake flowers.    
 The next day we all headed out to the zoo.  We all had such a fun time.  My parents loved it so much they bought an annual pass so they can go again anytime they visit.
Mark took the day off and this was his first visit to the zoo too.  
 My dad was fascinated with the Komodo dragon.  This is one of my favorite animals to see.
Heading home from the zoo......we were all tired, some more then others. 
 On Saturday we had a very busy, fun filled day.  We started the day going to the Eagle Saturday market.  I didn't get pictures there.  My dad bought my mom, Lulu and I new sandals at the market.  Then we headed to Hidden Springs about 10 min away and had lunch at the general store.
 Silas is such a good baby.   He enjoyed all the outings and sleeping in my moms arms.
 Then we came home for naps for the little ones and a tea party for the older ones.
 Saturday evening we headed into down town Boise to Hyde Park.  It's a darling historic neighborhood in Boise.  We found a restaurant with walls that opened up to the street.  We all felt like we were on vacation.
 A few doors down from the restaurant was a ice cream shop.
 As we were heading back to the van we stopped and enjoyed the band that was playing on the sidewalk.  They played all throughout our dinner too.  They were good!
 Here are the girls dancing to the music.
 The guys joined them......Mark was holding Silas.
 Then my parents joined in the fun.
Silas loved the music too!

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Christine said...

You can see how much fun we had and how busy we were. It was GREAT!

The kids were good little hosts (and so were their mom and dad).