Friday, June 7, 2013


 Silas was pretty jaundice and we were working hard to help his body get rid of it.  It just wasn't getting better so our doctor had us do a blood draw to see where his numbers were.  Our doctor wanted to see him ideally around a 5-6 but guessed he was 8-10.  Anything above 10 would be a concern for his age. Well his number was 11.1.....too high for our comfort and our doctors comfort.  So they recommended 12oz of formula and a billy blanket (a fiberoptic blanket).  We didn't do the formula but we did do the blanket.  I made sure I nursed almost hourly or more instead of formula.   
Here Silas and I are waiting for his blood draw and he had a warming boot. 
 You can see here he is glowing.  The billy blanket goes under his clothes and he is plugged in, so where he was so was the equipment for the blanket.  It was a bit bulky and stiff but really not too bad.
 Our little glow worm!
 Silas wore the blanket for 36 hours non stop.  We took it off to change diapers, that was it. We had 36 hours to bring his numbers down before the next blood draw.  
 My parents came to visit and arrived during the light treatment.  My dad got meet Silas for the first time and snuggle him.
 Then the next morning (36 hrs. later) my dad drove Silas and I to the hospital to get his final blood draw.  
Praise the Lord his number came down to a 9 and is still coming down on its own now.  


Christine said...

What a sweetie!
Yes, he is my little Hersey Kiss.


Sharon said...

Praise The Lord! So glad to hear he's getting better!!!