Thursday, June 20, 2013

Puzzle Fun

 We love doing puzzles.  We found this really old puzzle at a garage sale for a quarter.  We figured there would be a piece or two missing but had to finish it to find out.  
 Mark's the main one who has the patiences to stick it out and do the puzzles.  But we all join in and try to piece it together.  We can get a bit goofy sometimes too.  For me I can only stare so long at the small pieces before I get a little looney.  My strategy is to find the most colorful fun section and do that part and leave the harder parts for Mark since he loves the challenge.   
 Starting to look like a picture.  
 Even Silas got to join in on the fun.  
 Lulu's really good at puzzles and is a lot like Mark and has patience to work through the hard parts.  Also she can walk by and see where a piece goes.  I'm not as good. 
 Almost done!!!
 Only 3 missing pieces and they are all from the edge.
Starting our next one!  
This puzzle we know has all of the pieces because we got it unopened from a thrift store.


Christine said...

How fun and way to go!
Three missing pieces and edges, that is pretty good.
Looks like a really fun puzzle.
Enjoy the other one.

Christine said...

Finished the next puzzle, yet?

Carleen said...

Love it!! How do you keep it from little hands? It would be scattered all over my house! Love the puzzles, determination and your strategy to do the fun parts and leave the tedious stuff for the others....that is my kind of girl!!