Monday, August 19, 2013

Todd, Stephanie and Trey

My brother Todd, his wife Stephanie and their little boy Trey came for a visit.  We had a fun weekend showing them Boise.  They pulled into town late Friday evening after the kids had gone to bed.  So as everyone was unloading their things I got to play with Trey. 
The next morning the kids were so excited to wake up to see their uncle, aunt and cousin.  It was almost Trey's first birthday so we had a fun little gift for him to open.
They drove their cute little motor home over.  
We all packed into our van.  This is one of the reasons we bought our van.  So we can have family ride with us when we go places.  
Saturday morning we got some coffee at Rembrandts, a local coffee shop.  
After coffee we walked over to the Eagle Saturday market. 
Of course we had to stop at the candy store!
The weather was perfect, warm and sunny. 
Saturday evening we all went out to Hyde Park and enjoyed a dinner outside. 
The next day we all went to the zoo.  We love our zoo and it was so much fun to have Trey with us.  
During nap time Stephanie and I went out thrift shopping alone.  Mark and Todd babysat and Lulu got to have some fun one on one time with Uncle Todd. 
We had a great time and can't wait to see them again!

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