Monday, January 6, 2014

Pasadena Road Trip Part 2

On our trip we were able to go to church with our family.  They attend Grace Community Church where John McArthur preaches.  Mark's brother also works there.  
Sitting out in the courtyard at Grace Community Church. The Masters Seminary is in the background. 
 Grace Community has a beautiful court yard and they have speakers all around so you can listen to the sermon.  Silas was a bit noisy so I enjoyed the beautiful weather.  Mark came and joined me! 
 After church we went out to lunch with some of our families church friends.  
 We got to walk to the neighborhood park.  It was so nice to play at the park in December!!!!
 We visited the LA Zoo!
Then we got to share a favorite movies with our cousins.  The Runner from Ravenshead

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