Sunday, January 5, 2014

Pasadena Road Trip Part 1

 A few days before Christmas we Skyped with Mark's brothers family down in Pasadena, CA.  We haven't seen them in person since Levi was 10 months old.  They moved, we moved and with school and work and life we just never were able to get together.  Thankfully we have been able to stay in touch through technology.  But still our hearts ached to see them in person after getting off Skype.  So we decided right then that we would go visit them.  So Mark got right back on the phone with his brother and told him we wanted to visit over New Years.  They were thrilled!  So the day after Christmas we loaded in the van and made the trip down there.  It took us 2 days going down, we enjoyed 5 days in Pasadena and spent 3 days coming home.  We were able to stop and enjoy the sights along the way.  
 Lulu with her new doll I made her for Christmas. 
We stopped at all the fun and silly stops along the way. 
 Lovelock, NV was a fun stop. We put a padlock on the chain to lock our love there.  
 We made sure to get a hotel with an indoor pool so the kids could burn some energy.  It was so fun to go swimming in December. 
 Lulu was doing so well she got to take her lifejacket off and practice swimming on her own!
 The city of Hawthorne, NV was a fun stop to see the art that they made from bomb casings.  
Plus the McDonalds you can see in the background was a nice place to use the restrooms! 
 Then we had to stop at the famous Erick Schat's Bakery in Bishop, CA.  The place had a line almost out the door when we got there.  We bought some cookies to share with the cousins.  
Finally we got to Pasadena and got to hug our sweet family.  
 Uncle Mike holding Silas for the first time.  Mike is 2 years older then Mark. 
 Kamin and Levi snacking on some chicken nuggets together.  
 Even though we hadn't seen the Tersieff's in about 3.5 years it felt so normal to be there. 
 When I first met the Tersieff family Kamin was just a bit younger then Silas here.  
 Playing on their driveway
 Ila May bugging her oldest cousin Josiah and he doesn't mind it one bit. 
 Josiah (13 yrs) and Silas (7mo.) 
 More to come......

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